Grabbed one of these as an impulse purchase the other day. It's part of Brocade's datacenter line, which is an entirely different critter from their former Campus line.

A quick search around the internet tells you a few things about this beyond what specifically it is (namely, a 24-port FCoE-capable SFP+ switch). One, it's loud until it finishes booting up. Two, it takes a long time for the booting up to finish. Let me lay that out for you a bit better.

IT'S FREAKING LOUD. L-O-U-D LOUD. LOUD loud. I have in fact heard vacuums quieter than this critter. It's in fact rare that I've heard them louder than this critter. Second, it takes what feels like - you know, while your ears are bleeding) a million years for it to finish. Worse, if you're watching the boot sequence, you get a cryptic message about halfway through:

waiting for server to shut down............ done
server stopped

It then proceeds to sit there for a solid minute, minute and a half. It is, I believe, a time length designed for even those most patient to get their hand halfway to the power switch (there's actually a toggle on the power supply, which is nice for a change) before something happens, which is:

waiting for server to shut down.................... done
server stopped

No, that's not the same thing. There's more dots. As near as I can tell, this is some underlying database server. Two of them, and they're shutting down. Then it sits there some more, but not nearly long enough for even the impatient, with further proof that something has happened, to actually try shutting it down. It then proceeds through a bunch of output, and quiets down after that.

For values of quiet. (Note, early on in the boot, when it most certainly is NOT quiet, we see the output some joker put into the code: this is quiet!. It's on a line by itself, so I'm pretty sure that's a joke.)

I've currently got a Supermicro X9DRW-iF in an SC815 chassis that is a LOT quieter than this guy. In fact, that SC815 started out with an old Xeon 5100-series board and fans that ran at about 10k RPM at idle, and I'm pretty sure it was slightly quieter than this is now. It's certainly louder than an R710, or even an R210 which has a bit of the same size and form factor thing going on. (Original R210, not the R210 II, which is quieter.)

The other oddity with this switch is that it appears to be halfway unconfigured. I've got nothing on individual ethernet ports identifying the ports, and for the most part the rest of it is completely unconfigured... except for the management interface is still showing a configured IP, the switch has a couple of references to "vdx6720-92", and the interfaces are all showing as 2/0/X, indicating it thought it was part of a VCS or stack.

Anyhow, still messing with the thing - I only got it today - but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be keeping it. It's simply too loud, and compared to what I can do with an ICX6610, too limited. (With an ICX6610, I can actually stack it with my current ICX6450 into a single logical switch, which is really nice.) I did get it for really cheaply and it was very well packaged though, so we'll see if I can get it turned around at a profit - which will let me afford the ICX6610 I wanted in the first place.