Because the world has turned upside down in the last month and a half, I haven't had a lot of time to proceed. And then Trumpbucks happened, and I couldn't pull the trigger on $900 worth of used Epyc + server boards. Instead, I piecemealed it.

Part one was still AMD, but this time I went with an Asrock Rack X470D4U motherboard. (Considered the -2T version with 10GbE but not worth the premium.) CPU is a Ryzen 5 1600 AF - the Zen+ version which is basically an $85 R5 2600 - and I grabbed 64GB of DDR4-2666 in 2 (non-ECC, due to cost) DIMMs. If you're considering this board, be advised that cooling the CPU is a real challenge. Basically you need a server cooler - even the stock CPU cooler overhangs the RAM slots - and the only ones who make those as near as I can tell is Dynatron. The A18 (1U, active blower) is out of stock everywhere currently, the A24 (2u with fan) is around but I was putting it in a 3U, so I went with the A19, which fits perfectly and is very reasonably quiet. This will be paired with an older Dell-branded Intel 2-port SFP+ NIC, an H200 HBA, and a GTX1050 for hardware transcode assistance for Plex.

The board in the current server is going to be moving over to my SC113MTQ chassis. It's an X10SL7-F currently running an E3-1271v3 with 32GB of ECC UDIMMs. This is going to be my game host server, possibly with a CPU swap. The SC113 is going to be running a 120GB SSD in a dvd adapter tray for the OS, and run 8x 240GB SSDs in ZFS mirrorsets. Probably more IOPS than I could possibly need, but you know, I'm okay with that.

The joker in the deck is a server I picked up almost on a whim - it was a Softlayer firewall at one point, and they're clearing them out. Supermicro SC815TQ-340CB for the chassis, with an X10SLH-LN6TF. That would be SIX 10GBaseT copper ports, one port for IPMI, and an RJ45 console port in addition to the standard USB and VGA. I have really no idea what I'm going to do with it - possibly a secondary VM host. It's WAY overkill for something like a pfSense box, but for $155 shipped, it was really hard to say no. I also picked up an SFP+ 10GBaseT adapter and am happy to report that it works just fine.

I'm still planning to go to KVM and run most of the VMs on the centrally run NAS, but frankly right now I'm striking out hard on KVM remote management. I can't put my finger on it, but I dislike something about Proxmox quite a bit, and the fact that I have to jump through hoops to get Docker working on it doesn't thrill me either. Unfortunately, that's about the only web UI for a Debian/Ubuntu based derivative that seems to work right now. I want Ubuntu for the ease of ZFS upgrades, as I've had more than a few problems with DKMS over the years, and I'm comfortable in Ubuntu and Debian naturally. Kimchi, which I was going to go with, is currently not installing on 20.04 due to dependencies on a Python 2 package (even if it's rewritten in Python 3), and the more I look at it the more I wonder if it's even really actively maintained.

In networking news, I finally bit the bullet and picked up an ICX7250-48P. The 6610 I bought has back-to-front airflow, which I've since found out means it's significantly LOUDER than any of  the normal airflow switches. So that's going to go up for sale, along with the VDX6720. The 7250 will replace my existing 24-port ICX6450, which will likely become a modded switch with quieter fan and be moved to my office.

On top of those sales, when sanity returns to the universe, I'm likely going to be selling a bunch of crap at MIT Flea in July or August, depending on when/if they open up this year. Hopefully I'll come home with a fat wallet and next to no stuff, but that's not usually how it works out.